Retinol works wonders

Retinyl Palmitate (vitamin A) is vital for keeping your skin wonderfully soft and comfortable.

  • Protects
  • Nourishes
  • Moisturises
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Pharmacy recommended

No fragrances, colour or preservatives

Long shelf life

Vitamin A The mildest form of retinol


A universal, all-in-one cream.

  1. Retimax 1500 protects the skin and leaves a gentle feeling of natural softness
  2. Retimax 1500 nourishes the skin due to the presence of vitamin A, which is an indespensable regulator of cell renewal
  3. Retimax 1500 moisturises irritated and dry skin by deeply penetrating into the skin epidermis and helps to restore its natural state of hydration, elasticity and firmness

Vitamin A

The high content of vitamin A in the form of a mildly-acting Retinyl Palmitate supports the natural healing process of the skin. RETIMAX 1500 helps to restore the natural hydration and elasticity of the skin, firms and regenerates the epidermis.

Directions for use

  • apply sparingly to the affected area
  • use 2-3 times daily or as required
  • massage in gently
  • store at room temperature


Use Retimax 1500 for:

  • irritated & dry skin
  • chapped lips
  • wrinkles under eyes

Use Retimax 1500 after:

  • chemical removal of the epidermis
  • laser skin treatments
  • sunbathing/salon tanning sessions

soothing dry, irritated skin

chapped and broken lips

after sunbathing or salon tanning sessions

following chemical peeling or laser skin treatments

facial night treatment


Can I use RETIMAX 1500 on children?

Yes, you can use RETIMAX 1500 at any age. Remember to check if you are not hypersensitive to any of the ingredients by applying a small amount of cream to your skin.

Can I use RETIMAX 1500 in winter, e.g. on the face?

Yes, you can use RETIMAX 1500 to protect the skin on your face from frost and wind.

How long can I use RETIMAX 1500?

You can use RETIMAX 1500 as long as your skin requires it.

Does RETIMAX 1500 prevent ageing of the skin?

RETIMAX 1500 contains 1500 IU (International Units) of vitamin A (RETINOL as Retinyl Palmitate) per gram of cream. Retinol stimulates cell renewal, intensifies collagen production and promotes blood vessel levels. These effects mean that RETIMAX 1500 gives an anti-ageing effect.
Recommended for use on the sensitive skin under the eyes.

My skin is sensitive. Will RETIMAX 1500 cause an exfoliation effect on the skin?

No, RETIMAX 1500 is a protective cream and will not have an exfoliation effect. RETIMAX 1500 cares for sensitive skin leaving it moisturised and subtle.


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